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Figuring out wordpress on your own can be time exhausting. You end up making mistakes upon mistakes and by the time u figure out the way out, you have already done some damage to your site or SEO.

Save your self the stress of going over incomplete multiple youtube videos with diverse opinion that at the end you’ll end up being confuse.

Learn wordpress on a go! you get over 68 minutes of “over my shoulder” videos that take you through installing WordPress from start to finish.

Video 1 takes you through the pre-installation process of choosing a user name that isn’t the default “admin” – which is loved by hackers everywhere as it makes their life so much easier.

Video 2 has two versions. One for installing WordPress using Fantastico and the other using Softaculous, the two most popular “one click” installation routines used by most web hosts.

Video 3 shows you how to update anything that the auto-install has missed. Automatic installation routines are often behind the time with their releases and this video shows you what to do when this happens.

Video 4 continues with some more settings changes and also talks about the initial appearance of your new WordPress blog and removing some of the unnecessary widgets that are installed by default.

Video 5 goes through the installation of the 9 plugins that I automatically add to every new WordPress installation. Everything from a contact form through to Yoast’s SEO plugin and lots of others as well.

And much much more…


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